The Software Craftsman chapter 11 & 12

Chapter 11 is titled “interview anti-Patterns”. This chapter talks about the wrong processes to go about conducting an interview as a developer. They should avoid doing things like being a smart-ass interviewer, using brainteasers, asking unnecessary  questions, and trying to seem superior in knowledge. After we’ve worked hard to find a qualified candidate, the last thing we want to do is steal the opportunity they have to shine. We want to convince them that our company is the best they can work for, because a good developer will also be looking for a company that is best for them.

Chapter 12 talks about the cost of  low morale and how unmotivated people seem to represent that very well. Unmotivated people tend to destroy companies because this can change the motivation of other workers significantly. I believe that the attitude of the people you work with can have a huge impact on the way you work; they can either motivate you or suck the morale out of you. In this chapter we learn that people become like that and that is mostly due to companies beating the passion out of developers. Manager and agile coaches are the last people to motivate developers because they are demanding and punctual about everything. The only person that can motivate a developer is another developer. Not just any developer, but a software craftsman that every team needs.



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