The Clean Coder. Chapter 1 & 2

By : Angelito Destin

In this weeks reading of The clean Coder, we read Chapter 1&2 which talks about the importance of professionalism and saying “no”. In the software development field ,some important aspects of professionalism are taking responsibility, being knowledgeable about your field, and having work ethic.

So what does it mean to be a professional?. A professional knows their job is as important as it gets and all their actions can lead to certain consequences. As developers, we must be responsible for staying up to date on our profession and continuously keep growing. No matter how tough and frustrating our job gets we are responsible for getting the job done right. The book makes a good point by mentioning that “The human body is too complex to understand in it’s entirety, but doctors still take an oath to do no harm. If they don’t take themselves off a hook like that, how can we? Doctors knows the consequences of mistakes and fights to prevent them. If we are truly considered professionals,  we can do the same.

Moreover, as a professional, we are required to be extremely knowledgeable about our field. Customers will expect us to know what we are doing and do our job flawlessly. We are held accountable for the quality of our work. As professionals, we have no rooms for mistakes; we must minimize our flaws as our career advances. The way developers can ensure that their mistakes stays at a minimum is to test their work frequently . Quality assurance is a huge part of professionalism.

I never knew the importance of saying “no” in the software development field, until i read about it in the book. During our career there  will be times where we are pressured into doing things that are just not feasible. It is up to a professional to stand their ground and face confrontation in order to make the right decisions. It is important to be realistic on the difficulty of our job and to be upfront about it no matter how tough it may be. It is better to let your boss know that a project is not ready than to delivering the project knowing that it’s not fully complete or tested. This will save a lot of money and avoid having pissed of clients in your hands. As the book mentions, it is foolish to deliver function at the expense of structure.


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