The Software Craftsman chapter 9 & 10

Chapter 9 talks about recruitment, essentially how recruiters should go about searching for qualified developers. One of the problem with finding developers is how recruiters write their job description. Adding things like years of experience, academic background, certifications is how most companies job description looks like. I have done a lot of job searching in this field and i can agree that most of the description are just specific requirements needed from developers. They fail to focus on the companies culture and values and that is why they are not satisfied we developers they’ve hired.

Chapter 10 continues the previous chapter and talks about what to look for in an interview. Just like a job description should not always list specific requirements, a developers resume shouldn’t be just about knowledge and years of experience. During an interview, recruiters should be looking for passionate developers who are willing to learn or try new things. Those are the developers where if you put them in the right environment, they can really shine. One thing i can agree with from this chapter is that developers should interview other developers. A good developer will know what their company needs and what to look for; they will hire developers that are even better than they are.


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