The Clean Coder chapter 11 & 12

In Chapter 11, Robert Martin talks about pressure and the methods we can follow to handle pressure as software engineers. Being under pressure is something that can either make or break an individual. It is how we handle pressure that defines us as professionals; even in the toughest times a professional must not show signs of distress. Some of the ways that Martin suggests we can manage pressure are avoiding it to began with, not making reckless commitments, and staying clean. Now, I am kind of puzzled that Martin says to avoid pressure because I don’t think anyone purposely tries to put themselves in situations that causes them unmanageable pressure. If we avoided we won’t have to deal with it however, pressure will always find us. These advice are not only applicable to professionals and software engineers, we can also use them in our daily lives to keep manage the distress that derives from being under pressure.

Moreover, Martin talks about collaboration in chapter 12. Collaboration is an essential part of being a software engineer. Most of the programs that engineers works on will always consist of a group of people because there will always be a ton of thing to do. Within that group, there has to be great communication, teamwork, and most important professionalism. Even though at times there will be people that are tough to work with, we have to find a way to strengthen the teamwork. Ultimately, working alone is not always the best choice; when we put our heads together the outcome should be much greater.


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