The Clean Coder chapter 13&14.

We have reached the final chapters of the book. The last two chapters talks about teams, projects, mentoring, apprenticeship, and craftsmanship. Even though these two chapters are very brief, there are a lot of important facts and key points that we can take into our careers.

The first chapter talks about working in teams that will sometime consist of programmers, project managers, analyst, and testers. The book explains a concept called “gel” where each members of the team learn each others weakness, strengths, and quirks. It can take a really long time a team to really gel. I can relate to this because i work in teams all the time during school and we don’t always work effectively during the beginning stages. This why a team working on short projects that requires a portion of your time never really learn how to work with each other efficiently. And this is why it is important to form the team before the project; the collaboration will be much more effective depending on the teams experience with each other.

The last chapter of the book starts with the fact that it easy to wiggle through the system and graduate with a degree in Computer Science. Nowadays, Most of the curriculum doesn’t really prepare students for what they will face in the industry. It is important to have a mentor with years of experience working as a software engineer that can teach us what to value and how to behave. This chapter separate programmers into three categories master, journey, and apprentices/interns.  Newly graduates should always start as interns or apprentices. From there they can learn, grow, and gain experience to work on complex projects.


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