Software Technical Reviews

Last week we covered software technical reviews and we got to experience it with in a group of five developers. There are a few different types of reviews like walkthroughs, technical inspection, and audits. Walkthroughs are informal and often between colleagues, where technical inspections are conducted formally by a carefully selected team. As for Audits, that is typically conducted by an external group like a software quality assurance group, a project group or outside agency whose main concern is conformance with expectations. This is an important topic because in software development, we will always be in teams where we work with each other’s code. Therefore, technical reviews allow a developer to receive feedback on how to improve their code’s style, structure, or even how to write better comments. Although we did not have an in depth practice with the technical review, we were able to fill in the roles in a review. I was an individual reviewer, my job was to be technically inclined and not have any bias or personal agenda on the work product. The goal was to find issues in the code and document them by location, line number, item type, and severity on our individual reviewer spreadsheet. Even though technical reviews are supposed to be brief, I had to run the code and understand the SirTommy solitaire game to provide a better feedback. I did find a few issues; our group came up with twenty-four issues in total.

Software technical reviews are beneficial in many areas, however as a recent college graduate, it is important to understand that reviews will help us improve our code and conform to company standards. Every company may have a different standard on how they structure their code, so I can see how reviews are extremely useful when It comes to training new personnel. Personally, after college, I hope the company I work for will conduct reviews, so I can quickly adapt to their coding standards. This will not only lead to improvement, but also strengthen the communication among all developers.


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