Test Automation vs. Automated Testing: the difference matters

More companies are gravitating towards practicing continuous development. When it comes to a DevOps and delivery model where software is constantly being developed, it is important to know that there’s is a difference  between test automation and automated testing.  Automated testing is the act of conducting tests via automation as opposed to doing them manually. Test automation is automating the process of tracking and managing different test. in this article, Kyle McMeekin explains how test automation is a huge when it comes to continuous testing.

If something stalls or break down during the development pipeline, this can drastically delay the delivery of the following releases. This is a roadblock in a continuous testing environment because speed and consistency is imperative to support a continuous testing model as McMeekin describes. Test automation eases the burden of tracking which environments have deployed new code, when each piece needs testing and how those requirements integrate back into the moving process of continuously delivering software; it does all that through automation leave more time for testers. The extra time can be focused on creating effective test cases to ensure the quality of the software since they’re no longer bogged down in managing all the minutia of testing needs. Continuous development and DevOps are becoming the norm and so will continuous testing. with the help of test automation, managing the changes that comes with injecting testing throughout the entire development pipeline can much easier.



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