The Future of Software Testing

For this week, I chose a blog which talks about the future of software testing. Although these are just predictions by Ryan Yackel who is a senior sales engineer at QA symphony, they really seem plausible and get you thinking about where software testing is going to be in the next decade or so.

Ryan talks about how Everything will be blurry in the beginning and gets clearer after. what he means by that is the fact that agile software development methodologies are now becoming the standard and that will lead to a lot confusion and misconceptions. Because everyone is considered tester in a agile environment which is not true in a lot of cases, this really leaves testers questioning the severity of their role.  Agile methodologies’ popularity is increases among companies and they will soon have a better understanding and mastery of these agile techniques. Once this occurs, the role of a tester in a agile team will become much clearer. This leads to his next prediction.

Software testers expectation is on the rise and Ryan mentions that the expectation will be even greater in the future. Now, software testers need to expand their horizons and embrace new enterprise software testing tools and strategies. Just being knowledgeable about testing software is no longer sufficient. Software testers needs to be knowledgeable about software development, code functions, business logic, and technical competency. Testers a now playing an assertive role in guiding software quality assurance and development broadly.  As a tester, if you fail to adapt to these new higher level expectation, you will have a hard time making it through.

Ryan also talks about how the use of automated testing will increase significantly. It will be difficult for companies to maintain efficiency due to fast growing data in software development. Therefore, many companies will rely on automation in order to maximized their level of productivity. Ryan predicts that automation will become the default method of testing and all the challenges that holds automation testing from being the best way to test software will soon be refined.



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