The Software Craftsman Chapter 7 & 8

Chapter 7 addresses a number of technical practices such as TDD, pair programming, SCRUM and their usefulness in improving our software delivery process. These agile methodologies are about delivering value to customers in the shortest time frame possible. Even though these practices are very effective in the software development process, it is difficult to convince manger to adopt them. Many companies do not use these practices because they fail to identify why they need them, when to use them, or simply does not believe that they are effective. It is not easy to get developers to adopt to these practices because there is a learning curve and it will take some time to understand. To figure out which practices to use, first we must know what area we need to improve and what we are trying to achieve.

Chapter 8 is titled “The long Road”. This chapter is perfect for aspiring developers because it talks about what to look for when choosing our careers. It summarized the career requirements into three things autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Having a successful career is not easy; we must figure out where we want to be and work hard to get there. We must treat every job as an investment to craft the career that will makes us happy. And if you are among the ones that do not know where they want to be, this chapter has a lot of suggestions to create options that can help decide the next step. Things like attending conferences, blogging, studying new things, and networking with other developers and business-people can open a lot of doors. Our career is important and carefully crafting it is the best way to reach where we want to be.


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