Software Craftsmanship Chapter 3 & 4.

Chapter 3 of this book really translate what software craftsmanship is. It gave us a number of definitions including one from Wikipedia. Each definition shows a different perspective and what stuck out to the most was looking at software craftsmanship on a personal level. The book defines this as

a mindset where software developers choose to be responsible for their own careers, constantly learning new tools and techniques and constantly bettering themselves.

I see this being the most constructive definition or how software craftsmanship should be defined.  If we have this mindset then everything else like team work and professionalism should fall right into place. This also extends into chapter 4 because its about attitude and how software developers should represent themselves. No matter how much we rely on the workforce to gain experience, we have to realize that were in charge of our own careers and our advancement within it.


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