Software Craftsman chapter 1 & 2.

The first chapter of software craftsman talks about how different being a software engineer is today. Knowing how to code is not sufficient to be considered a craftsman, we need to have the knowledge to aid a company in other areas as well. I can see how this is important because in the workforce we have to prove ourselves to be an asset to the company we work for. It is not just about mastering our craft, it is also about showing that we are flexible enough to learn new things and adapt to changes .  Like the book explains having experience in one area is not always the best route. Someone with less experience in the field maybe more knowledgeable in more areas. Chapter 2 Talks about the agile transformation which embraces processes and tools such as Scum and other methods. My experience with scrum has only been in my classes.  But i can see how practicing scrum and other tools alike really contribute to the Agile Manifesto.


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