Week 2 Reflection

Despite the Snow day and being sick this week, I managed to get in contact with my team and diligently catch up on the material. Slack was able to show its advantages; i was able to use it to stay informed on the course material, communicate with my team, and participate on daily scrum activities. The tasks on our product backlog were clear. I was able to create my OpenMRS id, create a Trello id and integrate it with Slack. Moreover, I’ve been reading Angular Tour of Heroes which seems to have a lot of organized information on Angular and how to use it in TypeScript.  It is a pleasurable read and i  am satisfied with the amount of Angular i am picking up.

With the tools that are at hand (SCRUM, Slack, etc..) and everything I’ve learned , i am confident that i will be prepared to work on our projects. i can use these tools to strengthen communication with my team and stay current. These are tools that can be used outside of class as well.


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